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MRI Machines

Open MRI Systems - Comfortable and Accommodating

The Open Wide-Bore MRI and the Open High-Field MRI systems provide for a more comfortable experience for patients that experience claustrophobia, have pain or mobility issues, or are larger in size. They are also an ideal solution for children.
The Open Wide-Bore MRI system allows for many scans to be done with the patient’s head outside of the unit. The spacious interior provides ample headroom plus extra legroom and elbowroom, ideal for patients who are anxious in enclosed spaces or who have a larger body size. The Open Wide-Bore MRI is available at the MRI Group’s Norlanco (Elizabethtown), Suburban Pavilion, and Lime Street - Lancaster General Hospital locations.
See location details here. 
The Open High-Field MRI system also provides an increased level of comfort for patients. It is able to accommodate claustrophobic patients, young children, patients with a larger body size, and those experiencing pain or other mobility issues. The Open High-Field MRI is located at the Kissel Hill location in Lititz.

3T MRI: Advanced Imaging

3T is an advanced MRI machine that produces very high-resolution images. The 3T MRI machine is especially useful for more complex imaging needs. It also makes the MRI process for some studies less invasive for patients. Our 3T MRI machine features a wide-bore opening for increased patient comfort.

Benefits of 3T MRI include:

  • Ability to see abnormalities on a small scale, which allows for more specific and accurate diagnosis
  • Reduced scan time for patients and faster image processing
  • More precise imaging of soft tissues and organs
  • Ideal for conditions including epilepsy, stroke, musculoskeletal issues, and tumors

The 3T MRI machine is located at our Harrisburg Pike location at 2104 Harrisburg Pike in Lancaster, on the campus of the Lancaster General Health Suburban Pavilion.

MRI with Contrast

MRI with contrast allows for more accurate measurement and assessment of certain scans such as tumors and joints.Contrast dye enhances the image quality and provides our radiologists with more accuracy and confidence as they make their diagnosis.An MRI scan with contrast only occurs when your doctor orders and approves it.


In addition to regular daytime hours, the MRI Group provides contrast MRI studies on evenings and Saturdays at our Harrisburg Pike location at the Lancaster General Health Suburban Pavilion.




The ACR seals of accreditation represents the highest level of image quality and patient safety. It is awarded only to facilities meeting ACR Practice Guidelines and Technical Standards.
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